The Gnome

Vila Nova de Gaia, 2021
Vídeo-Performance  | Time: 2’30’’

Sónia Carvalho, visual artist/ Performer; Mariana Vasconcelos, filmmaker; Joana Moreira, interpretation of sinfony of Mussorgski for piano: “Pictures at an Exhibition: A Remembrance of Viktor Hartmann”.

“The Gnome” Videostill.

What’s on the other side? Once upon a time, and not once upon a time!

The music “The Gnome” from Mussorgski, “Pictures at an Exhibition: A Remembrance of Viktor Hartmann”, turns and stops, contained, uncontrolled, it makes room for silences, meditative, however, they guide in a somber contemplation and sharpen the “inner vision”. Reminds me of the short story “A Menina Sem Mãos”, that deals with the initiation of women into the subterranean forest, from the ritual of resistance — in search of precious ideas from this subterranean world: images, archetypes, desires, harbingers, treasures, anxieties, signs…


Ana Alllen & Sónia Carvalho INSTALLATION  @ FISGA ︎, from 25 of September, til 15 of October, 2021, Porto, Portugal.

“This project stems from an invitation to produce a specific installation in the Fisga studio's window. Ana Allen rescues an idea that had been floating around since 2011, when she had invited Sónia Carvalho to dialogue with a specific work. The aesthetic proposal of this dialogue is similar to Paul Gauguin's voyage when, in 1891, he embarks on an ocean crossing in search of a free and wild painting and a purer world, far from the codes of European civilization.

With this in mind, in 2021, this route is enunciated by Ana who, evoking the search for lost paradise, symbolizes it through frozen palm trees and a digitaloid idea of the natural. In other words, the demand is the same as Gauguin's, but the landscape is now presented as another: tourist, artificial, digital and marked by catastrophe.

On the other hand, Sónia gives life to an exotic inhabitant, a simultaneously corporeal and mystical being who cultivates hidden and transcendent knowledge. In her words, these are pronunciations and signs capable of guiding an "internal vision".” by Fisga
Vídeo “The Gnome”, 2’30’’, Sónia Carvalho, 2021.
Sónia Carvalho - Visual Artist and Performer
Mariana Vasconcelos - Filmmaker
Joana Moreira  - interpretation of sinfony of Mussorgski for piano: “Pictures at an Exhibition: A Remembrance of Viktor Hartmann”.


Sculpture “Nahui Ollin”, Sónia Carvalho, 2021. Mixed media, carlboard, metallic tapes and enameled iron. Measurements: 117 x 56 x 220 cm.
© Rafael Pinto
© Sónia Carvalho
“The Gnome”s videostill.