International Congress on Contemporary European Painting, 2nd Edition, Proceedings Book. Published in october, 2019, by Institute for Research in Art, Design and Society – i2ADS; University of Oporto, School of Fine Arts. ISBN 978-989-54703-1-0.

“O Corpo Transpessoal: O Contributo da Performance Espiritual para a Construção Pictórica” (V1); pag.327 - pag.334
Portuguese Emerging Art 2019 (PEA2019), edition © EMERGE, 2019. ISBN: 978-989-20-9994-1, Legal Deposit Number: 463266/19.

Portuguese Emerging Art is an annual book that fulfills EMERGE’s primary goal of promoting contemporary art, with a special focus on emerging art. The 2019 edition this book, the third one, includes a new factor, a jury constituted by elements from different countries: Danilo Fortunato, Angolan Gallery owner, Heloísa Vivanco, Brazilian curator, Hugo Dinis, Portuguese curator and María Gracia de Pedro, Spanish researcher, gallery owner and curator.

NOVAS BABILÓNIAS, New Bbylons, Zet Gallery catalog, 2019. Chief Curator, Helena Mendes Pereira; Communnication and Executive Production, Catarina Martins; Communication and Executive Production Support, Vanessa Ribeiro.

Catalog of the collective exhibition “Novas Babilónias” .

“(...) Sónia Carvalho’s work always stems from the performance, the look through the photograph, at times the video wich then consubstantiates in the exploration of a RGB palette in an allusion to the white-light resulting from the fusion. There is a spiriyual dimension which is inseparable from her work through which choices are sought to be made. The cube, feminine symbol holding a plural concentricity, appers here as a paradigm of female choices, once that table can  be seen as a businesswoman’s desk or the central state of a kitchen. Through the evolution of color, the character appears to levitate and to depart from the most exact absolute.(...)”

Helena Mendes Pereira

PENSAMENTO E RISCO, Iinternational artist book - collective exhibition, Curator Agostinho Santos, edition Gondomar Municipality, Legal Deposit Number: 444301/18.
Encontro Internacional de Artes e Tecnologia: #16.ART: Artis Intelligentia: Imaginar o real, publicated by the Research Institute in Art, Design and Society, 2017. ISBN: 978-989-99839-5-3.

Article URBA FEAT - análise do processo criativo - Entre o Céu e a Terra, p.831-539.
Painting and Research, Reflexions beyond Thinking and Practice, Edited by, Francisco Laranjo, Domingos Loureiro, Sofia Torres, Teresa Almeida, by the Research Institute in Art, Design and Society, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto,  2017, Oporto Portugal. ISBN: 978-989-746-143-9 [Suport:Imp.], 978-989-746-144-6 [Suport: Elec.]

Artist Editiion
URBA FEAT Posters, 2012

“URBA FEAT - Análise do processo criativo - Entre o Céu e a Terra”: theoretical practical project of Master Thesis in Draw and Printing Techniques, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, oriented by Diniz Cayola. It appears in the library depot of the FBAUP (LINK).

An interdisciplinary artistic project, which crosses drawing, anthropology, sound and performance. URBA FEAT has developed over two years as part of master’s research, intersecting drawing and urban anthropology, articulating with a constant exercise in the analysis of the practice of the creative process. It aims to contribute to an investigation of design activity in artistic practice, based on the intersection of these disciplines.

Options & Futures #3, catalog, curated by Miguel Amado, 2007

Works fom the collection of the
PLMJ Foundation.

André Silva, André Soua, Carlos Bunga, Carlos Pinheiro, Catarina Botelho, Edgar Martins, Fabrízio Matos, Francisco Pinheiro, Isabel Carvalho, João Pedro Santos, José Carlos Teixeira, José Lourenço, Maria Condado, Pascal Ferreira, Ramiro Guerreiro, Renato Ferrão, Ricardo Valentim,  Rita Guedes Tavares, Sónia Carvalho and Soraya Vasconcelos.

In Between #1, 2006

“Margens e Confluências - UM OLHAR CONTEMPORÂNEO SOBRE AS ARTES”, Portuguese academic magazine, n.10, 2005.

Protected? You Choose! 2006