Sónia Carvalho (1978), is a Portuguese visual artist and also a researcher.
Currently attends the third year of a PhD in Fine Arts, painting specialty, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, Portugal.  Researcher grant from Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. She is also a researcher at ID+, Design, Media and Culture Research Institute, and at CIEBA, Center for Research and Studies in Fine Arts. Master in Draw and Printing Techniques, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, with the project “URBA FEAT – Between Heaven and earth: analysis of the creative process” (2013). Graduated in Fine Arts – 2nd Cycle – Branch Painting by the School of Artistic of Porto (2004), graduated in Fine Arts by the School of Art and Design pela (ESAD) of Caldas da Rainha (2002). She was a fellow of the ERASMUS European Exchange program the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid (2000).

She worked as a University Professor at the Guimarães Artistic Higher School and as a teacher in the High School of Graphic Arts and Industries at the Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos. She was a collaborator at the Pensart Cultural Association Madrid-based. Has also made several productions of cultural events in the field of fine arts and theater.

She has exhibited her work since 2002, highlighting the solo exhibition “In Between”, at the Plumba Contemporary Art Gallery, in Oporto; the collective “Opções e Futuros” curated by Miguel Amado at the Contemporary Art Gallery “Arte Contempo”, Lisbon. Also participated in the FIL art fair of Lisbon. With the Dj/Vj performative projects, she highlight the spaces such as Casa da Música, in Oporto, MusicBox, in Lisbon, Tabacalera at Madrid, and performed with German collective Pfadfinderei, Arthur Baker (American Music Producer), among others. She also was selected to the Red Bull Music Academy Taster Lx.

Recently participated in the workshop “Cleaning the House”, by Marina Abramovic, in Greece, produced by MAI (Marina Abramovic Institute).

Framing Statement

In a constant reflection on image, idea and belief in a transdisciplinary process driven by study of performance and the body as represent(action) — where the biographical plane and a cosmic and holistic sense of the body are a constant and directly related to certain cultural archetypes — like liminality, the sacred feminine, and spirituality.
Themes such as belief, ritual practice — above all purification rituals, body cleaning as a means  of reducing the layers to their very essence - decolonizing the female body. As well as the alteration of normal states of mind, are in themselves direct experiences that interest me to research.

I have been developing transdisciplinary projects, framed by an anthropological perspective of the image, based on Hans Belting (2011), in the context of the practice of performance as a flexible structure of liminal nature and as a fertile field for understandind the world as a place where globalization predominates, (Schechemer, 2006).

I’ve been also exploring the artistic potential of certain anthropological practices such as participatory observation, like meditation, yoga and martial arts as fundamental for my creative process, as limanal actions that confers on me a different state of awareness - and being connect inner need (Wassily Kandinsky).

At the moment, I am  doing a PhD Practical-theoretical project in Fine Arts, Painting specialty, in realization, which seeks to question the meaning of body represent(action) from an holistic perspective, focusing on the study of female symbols and archetypes (Carl Jung) and her figure as a place of spirituality — the real exposed of the sacred feminine as a place of representation of the female artist, in the context of contemporary art. The practice is based on painting as an expended field, resulting from performative contexts and the verification of transpersonal psychology.


2013- Master in Draw and Printing Techniques, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, with the project “URBA FEAT – Between Heaven and earth: analysis of the creative process”.

2004- Graduated in Fine Arts – 2nd Cycle – Branch Painting by the Artistic School of Oporto. 2002- graduated in Fine Arts by the School of Art and Design pela (ESAD) of Caldas da Rainha.

1999-2000- Conducting various disciplines of the Fine Arts course, such as Engraving, Sculpture and Multimedia, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid.

1999- Bachelor in Painting from the Artistic Superior School of Oporto, ERASMUS European Exchange program student the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid (2000).

Individual exhibitions

2008-Individual exhibition “Retro I” at cultural space “Pedro Remy”, at Braga, Portugal.
2006- Individual exhibition “In Between”, at “Plumba” Gallery, Oporto.
2005- Individual exhibition “Protect Yourself! Part II” at “Bozart” Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.
2005- Individual exhibition “I’ve got your soul, Protect Yourself!” at “Fuga pela Escada” Gallery, Guimarães, Portugal.
2001- Individual exhibition “Katharsis” with a Performance with the musician Sérgio Calisto, at “quarto da Maria” Gallery, Oporto, Portuga


201 9 - “NOVAS BABILÓNIAS”, na Zet Gallery, curated by  Helena Pereira, Braga, Portugal.
2018- “KonsolidArte” – second edition, Annual Art Festival Díli, Timor Leste.
2018- “COCREATIVECONNECTIONS 7”, curted de Filipe Garcia, Sport Club of Oporto, Portugal.
2018- “PENSAMENTO E RISCO”, internacional exhibition of artista books, curated by Agostinho dos Santos, Auditório Municipal de Gondomar, Portugal.
2017-#16ArT,Inernational Meeting of Art and Technology, “artis intelligentia - imaginar o real”, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal.
2014-“Arte em segredo”, at “Galeria dos Leões” (organized by the university rectory of Oporto, by the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto).
2014- “Cuadernos de Viaje”, School of Art of Oviedo, Spain.
2013- “Desenho na Universidade Hoje – Encontro Internacional de Desenho, Imagem e Investigação”, University of Oporto, Faculty of Fine Arts,  and  Faculty of Architecture.
2013-“Cuadernos de Viaje”, Casa De La Cultura De Aviles, at Gijón, Spain.
2013-“UMA QUESTÃO DE GÉNERO”, 1.ª Avenida - Edifício AXA, curated by  Raquel Guerra, Oporto, Portugal.
2011-Fine Arts Exhibition of the “Coleção Maria José Laranjeiro”, Cultural Center of Vila Flor, Guimarães, Portugal.
2009-“Living Art Project” at Palace Hotel, Oporto, Portugal.
2008-“Afrontamentos 5”, at “Quase” Gallery, curated by Fátima Lambert, Oporto, Portugal.
2008-“Opções e Futuros”, curated by Miguel Amado, at “Arte Contempo” Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.
2008-“Afrontamentos 4”, at “João Pedro Rodrigues” Gallery, Oporto, Portugal.
2007-“Almoço na Relva” with Marcus Pereira and Vergílio Ferreira, at the Culture House of Paredes, Portugal.
2007- Internacional Festival of Multimedia Art IMAN, at House of Arts, at Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal.
2006- Internacional Fair of Lisbon, represented by “Plumba” Gallery, of Oporto.
2005-“5 paisagens vistas de uma Janela” at “Fuga pela Escada” Gallery, Guimarães.
2005-Vídeo-Instalation “Je suis Folle” at “Alvarez” Gallery, Oporto, Portugal.
2001- “(+ de) 20 grupos e episódios no Porto do século XX”, na “Almeida Garrett” Gallery of the da Oporto City Hall, Portugal.
2001 - “Ocupação de espaços”, produced by  A.I.C.A.R.T., at Quartel do Bom Pastor, Oporto.
2000 - “Sentidos Grátis 3.1”, at Fine Arts Gallery of the Complutence University of Madrid, Spain.
2000- “RECORRIDOS”, vídeos show, with the vídeo “Zero” at Fine Arts Gallery of the Complutence University of Madrid, Spain.


2019-”Struggle Like A (Wo)Man # 1”, Festival Novas Invasões, Torres Vedras, Portugal.
2018-“KonsolidArte” – second edition, Festival Anual de Arte, Díli, Timor Leste.
2018-“MANIFESTO DO QI”, at VIA ABERTA — Fine arts and Performance art exhibition, at Oporto.
2018-“What comes before,whith Vanessa Fernandes, Teresa Fabião e Rebecca Moradalizadeh, at Festival dos Canais, curated by Paulina Almeida, Aveiro, Portugal..
2012-Performance Art exhibition “Mental physical temporary#2”, at AISCA - Viana do Castelo.
2012- Performance “ Between Skins, 1.º Ato”, at Casa Museu Teixeira Lopes, curated by Filipe Garcia, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
2011-13-“URBA FEAT”,  Performative DJ/VJ Projet. As a DJ and performer, played at (Porto) Passos Manuel, Maus Hábitos  as  URBA FEAT PROTORRAGIO; (Guimarães) at Espaço Casulo, (Lisboa) Music Box -  at the first  I-Battle in Portugal, produced by Red Bull Music Academy and (Madrid – Spain), at the Cultural Space La Tabacalera.
2011-Colaborated at the Performance” Sincronicidade Não Local a “Olhar o Vento” with Filipe Garcia, at the Fine Arts exhibiyion  “OLHAR O VENTO” , Oporto, Portugal.
2011- Colaborated at the Performance “Untitled/ Conversation pieces”, with Hugo Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal.
2011-Performance “Nerglmr” de Manoel Barbosa, at 16.ª Cerveira Art Biennial, Portugal.
2011-Performance “GROORDLM” de Manoel Barbosa, at16.ª Cerveira Art Biennial, Portugal.
2011- Performance “P.O.R.T.A.L. # 1”, at the Performance art exhbition “Mental physical temporary#1”, curated by Hugo Soares, Oporto, Portugal.
2011-Instalation “SWITCH”, from Miguel Clara Vasconcelos and Gustavo Costa, Projeto em Permanência, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Serralves of Oporto, partipated in the project as a performer artist.
2011-Participations at the project “Skilled Art - Sonoridades Telemáticas”, Fernanda Gomes e Luis Girão; Univerity of Aveiro, Portugal.
2008-“Athletic Cocktail”, international collective performative art - Dj/Vj, (Oporto) Casa da Música – Noites Clubbing, Passos Manuel, Plano B, Houdini Bar, Associação 555, Espaço Cultural Maus Hábitos; (Vila da Feira) Escadas para o Céu; (Tomar) Festival Bons Sons; (Lisboa) Mini-mercado.
2005- Sound Performance “Talk Show” with Miguel Santos, at Cultural Space Maus Hábitos, Oporto, Portugal.
2004-“Girls on Goma collective”, Dj/Vj. (Oporto) Triplex, festas da Gigi; Moinho de Vento; On Off Club; Zenite; Ribeira de Ouro; (Aveiro) Olaria Bar; (Lisbon) Mexe; (Tomar) Paraiso Cafe; (Évora) Amas do Cardeal; (Mogadouro) Festas da Cidade; (Espinho) Dolchè, Portugal.
2003-Performance “2+2=4” with Oscar Martin, at Mina de S. Domingos, Portugal.
2003-Performance sonora “Operação Disturbo” with Oscar Martin (sound), Javier Sanz (sound) e Isabel Paiva (interactive projeccion), at Convent das Dominicas, Guimarães, Portugal.

Speeches &Workshops

2019 - Workshop “Cleaning the house”, by Marina Abramovic, produced by MAI, at Évia, Greece.
2019 - Comunication at the EnIAD – Encontro de Investigação em Arte e Design, (Meeting in Art and Design Research) Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
2019 - Comunication at the “2st international Congress on Contemporary European Painting – ICOCEP”, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal.
2018 - workshop “Dance in Ritual” - Candomblé, Butoh and Contemporary Dance; directed by Benjamin Abras, Yuko Kominamini e Joana Von Mayer, Teatro Rivoli, Oporto, Portugal.
2018-Selected for the workshop “Aquecimento Paralelo”, directed by Joana Von Mayer, at Festival DDD, Teatro Campo Alegre, Oporto, Portugal.
2018- Selected for the workshop with Julie Nioche, at Festival DDD, Fundação de Serralves, Oporto, Portugal.
2017 - Comunication at “16º International Art and Technology meeting : #16.ART: Artis intelligentia - imaginar o real”, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal.
2017 - Comunication at the “1st international Congress on Contemporary European Painting – ICOCEP”, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal.
2011-Selected for the Workshop of Performance Art, with the artist Manoel Barbosa (PT/E.U.A.), Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal.
2002 - Selected for a Theater Workshop, directed by Ricardo Moura e Vera Paz at Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal.
2002 - Selected for the Dance Workshop “Monstershop”, directed by Joclécio Azevedo, Helder Dias, Susana Jaques and João Sousa Cardoso, at the Superior Institute of Music and Arts of Oporto, Portugal.
2001 - Selected for the Dance Workshop – choreography and movement, directed by the dancer Vera Mantero at the Teatro Municipal Rivoli, Oporto, Portugal.
2000 - Participated at the Seminar “Nuevas Tecnologias”, José Luis Brea, at the “Círculo de Belas Artes” of Madrid, Spain.
1999 - Participated at the Seminar “Metáforas del cuerpo en el arte del Sec. XX”, D. Juan Antonio Ramirez, at the “Círculo de Belas Artes” of Madrid, Spain.

Publicationns, Acquisitions
other projects

2019- Portuguese Emerging Art 2019 (PEA2019), edition © EMERGE, 2019. ISBN: 978-989-20-9994-1, Legal Deposit Number: 463266/19.
2019 -Collective exhibition Novas Babilónias (New Babylons) catalog of Acácio de Carvalho, Gil Maia, Mafalda Santos, Manuela Pimentel, Paulo Moreira, Sónia Carvalho 2019. Chief Curator, Helena Mendes Pereira; Communnication and Executive Production, Catarina Martins; Communication and Executive Production Support, Vanessa Ribeiro.
2018 -PENSAMENTO E RISCO, international artist book - collective exhibition, Curator Agostinho Santos, edition Gondomar Municipality, Legal Deposit Number: 444301/18.
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2005-Author Edition, "Protect yourself - Olha para o que eu faço, não olhes para o que eu digo!".
2005 -Portuguese magazine “Search Megazine”, n. º12 – April 2005
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2001 -Catalog “(+ de) 20 grupos e episódios no porto do século XX”, curated by Fátima Lambert and Laura Castro, edition “Almeida Garret” Gallery of Oporto, Portugal.

INTERNET publications

2011-Coleção Drª Maria José Laranjeiro, Guimarães, Portugal.
2007-Casa da Cultura de Paredes, Portugal.
2006-Fundação PLMJ, Lisboa, Portugal.
and  privat.

Another projects
2008- Selected for the “Taster Lx”, Red Bull Music Academy, Lisbon, Portugal.
2005- Selected for na artistic residence “idee einer reise”, at Áustria.