Readymade Choices (RGB)


“(...) Sónia Carvalho’s work always stems from the performance, the look through the photograph, at times the video wich then consubstantiates in the exploration of a RGB palette in an allusion to the white-light resulting from the fusion. There is a spiriyual dimension which is inseparable from her work through which choices are sought to be made. The cube, feminine symbol holding a plural concentricity, appers here as a paradigm of female choices, once that table can  be seen as a businesswoman’s desk or the central state of a kitchen. Through the evolution of color, the character appears to levitate and to depart from the most exact absolute.(...)”

Helena Mendes Pereira; catalog of the collective exhibition “New Babylons”, at Zet Gallery, Braga, 2019

            “Readymade Choices (RGB), quadriptic, watercolor on arches, 154cm x 106cm, 2018-2020 

“New Babylon”, 2019

Zet Gallery, Braga, Portugal

About the
Performative process.

The pictorial construction only happens after the Performance. And it is always a result of a true inner need for bodily experience, FOR A LIVING ACTION — performative and anthropological — for the construction of an image. It is the represent(action) of the poetics of thataction. Therefore, a painting consists of a reflection on the experience of the transpersonal, sensitive, intuitive body, as a pause in focus in space-time. The contemplation couples with the act of doing, circumscribes within itself the revelation of something hidden, something that transcends reality itself and becomes sacred – it is the silencing of thoughts so that the wisest answer happens, in the clear understanding of a “vision”.
Performative process photo registration about readymade choices, 2018