Protect Yourself!

2005 - 2006

The created characters result from the use of one’s own body, or another very close, still their own. Images embodied by personal objects, elements made into signs, signaling reference areas of identity material.

While the line/drawing lives in the body, the stain/painting inhabits only its extensions, that is, its objects, what is artificial, and how they relate — thus creating virtualrealities that subject existence to factual dependence, aggregate and isolate themselves.

The analogy of the functional body/form trace lead us to a specific treatment of the shapes of objects/extensions, objects which coupled with the body increase its performance, so as to see in them this molded mark of the absent/present body. They are the valorization of the object, in a consumerist society forgotten of being in favor of having.

“Je T’aime”, acrylic on canvas,, 120 x 80 cm, 2005

“Are you talking to me?”, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 80 cm, 2005

“I Can’t year you!”, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 80 cm, 2005

In addition to the duality of the body/object, the inseparable dialogue between the title and the action of the image, as well as the antithesis that results from them generate another meaning, thus obliging a careful reading of the viewer, an active positioning — referring to the performance art field, also as an approximation to the narrative proper to the video.