P. O. R. T. A. L.  # 1

Porto, Portugal,  2011 

Performance at “Mental physical temporary#1”, collective exhibition curated by Hugo Soares, at JUP, Porto, Portugal. Collaborations: Gil Sousa Pinho; Locus Horrendus Body Suspension and Pauliteiros de Sendim. Photography by Paulo Pimenta

The performance “P. O. R. T. A. L. # 1” takes place in the context of the ritual of hair suspension, it explores the boundaries of body and mind, in the context of a folklore dimension. In a space/time driven by the rhythm of the drum, as also with the traditional strokes of “Pauliteiros de Sendim” and accompanied by the song “Rebela do Douro”, led by an altered state of consciousness and in search of the meaning of spirituality – to be present – here and now.

For performance research I recognize the importance of the proto-performance (Schechner, 2006), some how, it is a powerful part of the deep creative process — is the performative process that links the motivations (conceptual and emotional) to the action. In P.O.R.T.A.L. # 1 is the childhood.