Magnetismos: RGB


It is a sculpture project with an anthropological character, from the point of view of image and belief, exploring certain cultural archetypes, such as liminality and shamanism.

                         “Magnetismos – RGB”, 2012, cement sculpture with red, green, and blue pigment. 20 x 15 x 15 cm each.

Installation ︎ @ #16.ART, Art and Technology Meeting — “artis intelligentia – imagine the real”, @ Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, 2017.
Three goat skulls, colored, red, green and blue, each sitting in a diamond-shaped mirror, dowsing symbol, whose same geometrical figure is also repeated between the eyeballs, marking the 3rd eye – or the 6th chakra in the Hindu tradition.

Thus, we find here a redundancy associated with n.3, a universal symbol, its transverse various religions, being in Christianity a spiritual meaning, as it represents the trinity father, son and holy spirit, being an icon of faith. This pleonasm is also represented in the geometric figure of the rhombus, it points the need to evoke sacred faith states.

As for the goat’s skull, which although by itself is an image that brings us to death’s universal dimension, my point of view is from the shamanism perspective, as an “instrument of magic perception that allows crossing worlds”

— and also linked to the RGB colors it refers to a beginning of something rather than an end, as so it is a banner of the image faith in contemporary era.