In Between

Painting & Vídeo performance project
2006 - 2007

In Between “(...)  The project consists of four paintings, as well as a video and a soundtrack articulated with them, which address identity issues associated with the sexual gender from a reflection of the violence that marks the daily experiences of the present, both individually and collectively. In the paintings, a female figure – the artist herself – outlined in black and white, though with green streaks around her eyes, wields a traditional Chinese sword in a defensive position of “Wushu”, one of the most important martial arts. From four different points of view, the same gesture presents itself in its symbolic fulness, enunciating the pose of an urban warrior, with the profusion of perspectives reinforcing the warlike character of the scene.(...)” 

Miguel Amado, at  magazine of contemporary art “ExitExpress”, Maio de 2006.

“In Between #2”, “In Between #1”“In Between #3”, “In Between #4”, acrylic on canvas, 180cm x 120 cm, 2006
”I Feel like A Real Woman”, acrílic on canvas, 40cm diameter, 2006

“In Between”, 2006

Plumba Gallery, Porto, Portug

“(…)In this context, the visitor undertakes to be alert, assuming the active attitude that the artist desired. In Carvalho words, the exhibited works “surround the viewer, placing him in a position of direct confrontation, In Between, that is, now dominant or now dominated.”Miguel Amado, at magazine of contemporary art “ExitExpress”, Maio de 2006.