Cleaning nightmares

Porto, Portugal,  2019

Fine arts and Performance art exhibition, at ARTES   
Comissinoned by Luisa Mota, curated by Rita Roque, Invited curater, Ana Rocha e Sonja Câmara. © André Henriques

“Cleaning nightmares” starts from de concept of “disturbing strangeness” (Sigmund Freud’s “Das Unheimliche”, 1919) of the gesture of cleaning a house – of a house body – where the boundaries between the domestic, the social and the sacred are mixed.

Wipe, wipe, wipe, dust, the floor, the bath, the toilet, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the story of a body, of a female memory ... and ending the performance in a vandalistic gesture, tagged, engrave with transparent glue in the already clean glasses – “Cleaning nightmares”.


The action arises from the decontextualization of the gesture of homework, with a formal match between household gloves and boxer gloves, incorporating the female stereotype as a place of strength in a multidimensional battlefield, for a visual reflection on the space of the sacred in the rituals of everyday life. It is from theses distant universes that gestures will be enacted to construct a performative narrative, as a reflection on the place of women as a fighter, in a patriarchal society, that is ours.