Between Skins 

Porto, Portugal,  2012-13 

“BETWEEN SKINS – ATO I”, time: 60’. Performance art exhibition —Present in Place — at Museu Teixeira Lopes, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, 2012, curated by Filipe Garcia. Collaborations: Linda Trotzky & Ainu Tatto.

”Between Skins” refers to the image production and expansion of it in the context of transit states, or as Victor Turner points out preliminary proceedings, within the framework of rites of passage. It is based on the relationships between image, idea and belief. From the alchemical process of the mental image to its materialization, it will be the performance as liminal action, the place from which the image immerses itself in the engraving (tattoo) of a rhombus drawing of the performer’s skin. 
The sound of the performer’s heartbeat in the both is amplified in both acts revealing the emotional state in order to establish a more intimate dialogue with the viewer from the inside to the outside.
“BETWEEN SKINS – ATO II”, time: 60’. Collective exhibition — UMA QUESTÃO DE GÉNERO — 1a Avenida – at AXA building, Porto, Portugal, 2013, curated by Raquel Guerra. Collaborations: Linda Trotzky & Ainu Tatto e Francisco Laranjeira.

In addition, in the second act, the rhythm of the same triggers a device that activate a projection of a diamond unfolded in two triangles, which vary in color. In this intermittent image there is the theory of visual perception of form psychology, an optical illusion called vision persistence – in the absence of one of the triangles, a silhouette of light persists in the retina. This illusion results as a metaphor in the extreme belief in the power of the image in the digital age.