Athletic Cocktail 

DJ/ Performance Project (collective)
2008 - 2009

Athletic Cocktail is a project that combines music with visual arts and performance, where the party takes place par excellence. The pilots of this comfortable ride are Alejandra Pinggera (viseo jockey/performer), Ricardo Dias (poster creative), Sónia Carvalho (disc jockey, performer and poster creative) and Filipe Canha (performer), who will probably be sitting in the ladies’room while filming, remixed and projected onto the dance floor.
“Athletic Cocktail @ Passos Manuel, Sónia Carvalho, 2009, mixed midea on canvas, 120x80cm. 

Athletic Cocktail, Mr Eggman,  @ Passos Manuel. © Paulo Pimenta

This Project is a permanent challenge of visual and auditory senses, whose sound goes from Funk Favela to Kuduro ending at Grime and Tecno/Electronic music. Modeselektor, Afrika Bambataa, CSS, Diplo, Dat Politics, MIA, Buraka Som Sistema, TTC, Deize Tigrona, Makossa Megablast, (...), are pre-selected and remixed musical references with live pre-recorded or manipulates sounds from in-puts such as microphones.

Graphic Image

Athletic Cocktail has also developed a graphic image with a creative visual component and its own identity; mixed with a bit of three-dimensionality, a hint of diverse cultural influences such as the taste of piri-piri, the smell of curry, the consistency of swag and the slippery dendê, we decorate with a matchin typography, and here is one more poster or flyer ready to advertise and promote the places where it presents itself.

Homework: preparing a VJ set, working with root materials and devices, as overhead projector — from the analogic to the digital technologies.

Video-creations for the sets.